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Research Projects

Projects with Industry
completed successful research projects ( 5 approved by IUT and 4 worked for polymer industries).
graduate projects on preparation and characterization of polymeric nano composites and nanofluids ( 4 phD, 8 MSc ), in the field of Nano-Technology.
- Synthesis of Acrylic latex (Co and terpolymers): Study of the effective parameters on polymerization and physical properties of the resins
- Preparation of Fire resistant Epoxy resin-fibre glass composites by inorganic additives and Investigation of Mechanical properties
- Investigation of effective parameters on Drying rate of poly (Vinyl acetate) latex films
- Kinetics of Epichlorohydrin Novalac resin polymerization and Investigation of its curing characteristics
- Mathematical calculation and construction of a falling cylindrical Rheometer (F.C.R)
Coating of modified poly (ethylene-co-propylene) on carbon steel by an electrostatic powder spray system and Investigation of the coating properties
Polyethylene powder coating on steel surface by fluidized bed method and Investigation of effective parameters on the coating properties
- Coatings of powder HDPE on Carbon Steel by the electrostatic spray technique and construction of a fluidized bed system
Coating of HDPE on Carbon Steel by electrostatic powder spray system
- Mechanical and Thermal Properties of EPDM elastomer (required for heavy fenders)
- Thermal-Mechanical resistant polyurethane Elastomers: Effects of Inorganic fillers
- Synthesis and Properties of Acrylic Thermoplastic Solution for paint application
- Preparation and Characterisation of Nano Clay Polymer Composites

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